How to dress for different occasions – helpful advices


In our monotonous life, there are a few days of amazing glitter. These are the moments when we want to be noticed and appreciated. We cherish these moments forever and they somehow make us who we are today. The diversity of these occasions is what makes them even more enjoyable. It could as simple as a get together or a party, or they could be something more prestigious like award distribution ceremony.

The perfect dressing sense allows us to feel more confident and leave a long lasting impression onto other people. With the growing fashion industry, the markets are flooded with increasing options and has made choosing one dress really difficult. But if some points are kept in mind, then choosing the perfect wardrobe will not only help you look better, but also make you comfortable and look confident.

There is no hard and fast rule that maps the occasion with the dresses. You’ll have to let the trend, season, theme and personal taste to be the guide.

We’ll walk you through various occasions and see what fits you best

  1. Wedding:

These kind of function demands partially formal look. So any beady and extra shiny clothes are not recommended.  White and Black are the good old wedding outfit combination. But now, Black and Red are also cool. The length of the dress should be decided on the acceptance. If they are strict about covering up then you should avoid backless or strapless. If you do wear one, carry a wrap. Make sure the fabric is of good quality like silk or silk blend.

  1. Cocktail Party:

Cocktail parties require casual dressing, so there is a lot of room for experimentation. A simple top with some design, pants or fancy flats or knee-length skirts are you best bet here.

  1. Formal Party:

As the name says, you must remain professional. Shirts with collars are the best. Pants and heels that go with the shirt will give you the exact look you want. Have an accessory like handbag or purse if you are on a formal diner party.

  1. Job Interview:

Wearing a suit has the maximum impact. Not only it tells that you are serious about the job but also the fact that you work hard and are sincere.

  1. Funeral:

Don’t wear anything shiny or catchy. You must be gentle and respectful. Black is not compulsory but avoid the bright colors altogether.