How to be a posh mom


Being a parent is one of the sweetest gifts. More than that it is a phase of life to be enjoyed. Women get so much indulged in the baby that they completely forget about themselves. Later on they start to think that the stylish lifestyle is only for other girls and not mothers. This is untrue. Being a mom is a phase of life, just like going to college or breaking up from a relationship. And like other phases of life, living this one doesn’t mean you will have to abandon everything else.

  1. Acceptance:

Read any style guide, any fashion magazine or style blog, everyone will agree on one point; You should be comfortable in your shoes. This is the first step to style. Accept your current life, this will bring in some confidence that will style you up. Being uncomfortable affects your body language and makes you look dull and inactive which are strong people repellents. Always remember, “Confidence is the key.”

  1. Quality Control:

Some people might believe that repeating is a ‘fashion-disaster’. This is not true. You must not forget your pocket while looking at dresses. Wearing a few good clothes is lot better than wearing a lot of cheap clothes. If you don’t, now probably it’s the correct time to give quality the place in your life, it truly deserves. Fashionable clothes are not all about looking good. A few simple clothes will do just fine.

  1. Selfie:

With the popularity of Instagram, Facebook and other social networking sites. This task has become really simple. Whenever, you feel confident and look better, Click a selfie. You don’t necessarily need to upload it, but do take one when you feel like. The appreciation will definitely increase your self confidence. Even looking at yourself posing happily can have positive effects on your personality.

  1. Time:

Take time out for yourself. This is giving love and respect to yourself. How can you expect someone else to love you, when you don’t love yourself? In this “Me time”, you must take into account your health issues, fitness, diet and social relations. Your health is the first and the foremost. “Health is wealth”, is the mantra to be remembered. Next comes your fitness and diet. These factors make you look fresh and adds a fresh shine to your personality. At last, we are social animals and hence don’t isolate yourself. Have some friends and healthy social relationships to make yourself psychologically happy.